15 years already?

March 23, 2021

I can’t believe how fast they’ve gone!

I remember that 6th of March 2006 when GENCO General Contractors of Puerto Rico was born, with only 2 small contracts in Ramey School in Aguadilla, P.R. and USDA around the Island. Sharing a 400sqft office space with another company (our dear friend Wireless Computer World) and only 8 employees (including the founders).  Our micro team witnessed our CEO, Victor Gonzalez,  working hands-on in the field on a mission to prove GENCO’s strive for excellence and open doors in other facilities.

Our timeline goes something like this:

One year later, in May 2007, we partnered with Casablanka Inc., opening doors to our first significant contract at V.A. Hospital in San Juan.  At this point, we found the need to open more positions. By 2008 between field workers and management, we had 30 employees in our team.

We were growing steadily in our local market until 2010 when we started exporting services to the U.S. mainland. From 2010 to 2015, our team had grown to 50 employees (between the U.S. mainland and the Caribbean). Then, it happened; in May of 2015, after more than seven tries over 3 years, we finally got accepted into the SBA 8A business development program. After working as a sub-contractor for other 8(a) firms, we knew that getting certified as an 8(a) participant would be a game-changer.  Two months after receiving certification,  we decided to open our first U.S mainland office in Dallas, Texas, and move our SBA portfolio to the Dallas Ft. Worth district office. As part of the Dallas Ft. Worth portfolio of companies, we received as much support as any small business owner wishes for.  

In 2017, after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, more opportunities emerged in the federal government construction industry. 2017 was when our executive departments started to take form; by then, our back-office support team grew to 8 and our field team to 60 employees. 

We are filled with pride and feelings of accomplishment as part of a team of hard-working, committed professionals.  Today, and with the pilar team’s help and commitment, we have grown our operation to 7 departments, 130 GENCO Team members with a presence in 12 jurisdictions in the U.S. mainland, the Caribbean, and OCONUS. Every day our team shares their knowledge and expertise to achieve the excellence that distinguishes GENCO from our competitors. 

Because of your commitment and dedication, we are reaching new horizons.  For you are the true faces of GENCO, the faces our clients see every day supporting their mission with pride, honor, and integrity.


Yesenia Cordero


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